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Mullet Lake Village: Mullet Lake, Michigan (Solid Color Stain)

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This Mansion is located in Mullet Lake Village, Michigan; near the Mullet Lake Marina.  One of our all time best customers.  65 gallons of stain, 20 tubes of caulk, and some long days to complete this one!    But in the end I can say it was all worth it!

Duncan Bay Marina: Cheboygan Michigan (Semi-Transparent Stain) Log Home

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Our first exterior job of 2005 was located in Duncan Bay Marina, just outside of Cheboygan, Michigan on Lake Huron.  A new construction that consisted of 3 coats of Sikkens cetol stains.  We applied two coats of stain before boards where hung, then we caulked all the seams and cracks, then applied a field coat.    

Topinabee, Michigan (Solid Color Stain)

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Tom O’Hares place is located in lovely Topinabee, Michigan.  Tom really wanted to spruce up the place after his father had passed away.  Him and his wife had great idea’s.  Before we stained the house, we went around the entire place power washing all the crud and mildew off from years of being untreated.  Then we replaced all old cedar shakes that were water damaged or rotten.  After this I talked over colors with Tom and his wife Mary.  They said that they liked this maple sugar color for the siding, dark brown for the trim.  I agreed and also suggested this Michigan State green for the awnings and fascia.   In the end they were very satisfied and so am I!!