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Residential Repaints Repairs



Years of snow, ice build-up, rain & moisture, can cause severe damage to the exterior of your home.

From long cold winters, to blistering hot summers your home can take a serious beating from Mother Nature! I will personally go around your home with you, while giving an estimate to point out any areas of concern: do to water damage, ice buildup, etc. If, however, we find and area that was unnoticed while inspecting home, Precision Painting will contact you and get an estimate on additional repairs rather than covering up an issue to get the job done. Take some time to think of how much money you have invested in your vacation home, 2nd home, or even your permanent residence. Do you really want another company that may not care if your roof is leaking behind your siding, or chimney is falling apart causing water to slowly run into attic and require more work in the future? We have trained professionals with years of experience that will help “YOU” protect your investment!

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