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Proper preparation is the key to a quality job!

Proper Preparation is key a quality paint job, you first must have a clean house. We start by cleaning your home/business to help free up loose/peeling paint, grease, mold & mildew. If your home does not need painting we can still send a guy out for home cleaning, deck cleaning, and even your gutters. This will help Spruce up your home or summer cottage, kind of a spring cleaning, so you can enjoy the summer months of Northern Michigan.

We will start by scraping any loose paint off home, then sand "ALL" surfaces to be painted. Second, we will go around and spackle/wood fill and caulk all cracks on home. Then priming any raw wood, prior to having our coating specialist apply a high quality paint to your home/business. Two coats of paint is recommended to help seal everything up and have added protection against them cold Michigan winters!